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As an author of poetry and texts in my language which is the closest to my nature and is a spoken language of not more than 10 million people all over the world, I realize I need to express myself with wordless images. I would like to be part of the collective unconsciousness and the emotionality of The Globe – recent Babylon Tower.  Not too much is known about Bulgaria, its residents and creators, regardless of the fact that she is a member of the European Union. Globalization, which literally overtook after the collapse of the communism, the nations enclose in capsules because of the language, are the most parts of my themes. My personal quests are in the dissolving of the human ego into the ego of the rest around us and into the demands of the society. Literally said that's the topic of my poetry collection, published recently. The prose and the play which I'm preparing nowadays are in the theme of The Man and Nature against the Machines.

As a photographer, I'm working on a photobook which is both – very personal but also very characteristic about the time we live: for the way Internet connect us. At the moment, I'm interested in and preparing a conception of a show of the way we repeat our lives genetically because each of us identifies himself or herself in one or another way with the family and the relatives and the way such a genetics spreads through centuries and epochs in the space.

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