Bissera is a Bulgarian born contemporary photographer, poet, writer and editor in her native tongue. She became interested in photography at a very young age when she had already participated in movie and television productions and wanted to be in front of and behind the cameras at the same time.


     Bissera seeks the real personal story and not the person as a role model. As a poet, she needs wordless images that contain apparent emotionality. She tries to find the detail or the anchor remaining in unconscious after disappearing the picture; where are the limits of the individuality versus the society at large.


     Mrs. Videnov has published both poetry and prose for academic and online articles in her country. In 2012, she won the Mediterranean Women Forum with a short story. She is the editor of the first book released in Bulgarian about the artist Christo and Jeanne- Claude. She translated the upcoming issue, again in Bulgarian, of Cyril Christo’s poems about Christo and Jeanne-Claude’s projects.

     Globalization, which literally overtook after the collapse of communism, the nations enclose in capsules because of the language, are the most common parts of her themes. Her personal quests are in the dissolving of the human ego into the ego of the rest around and into the demands of the society. Literally speaking, that's the topic of Bissera’s poetry collection, which was published recently.

New York Tampa Sofia