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It had come true to some degree the prophecy of Kafka. David Czerny had constructed and had put “a city insect” in the center of Prague. This Metamorphosis of the Millennium had united the conflict of the last three centuries – the man against the machine.

I wanted to see that moving sculpture but couldn't imagine it would happen during the gloomy morning of my 50th birthday.

In his first letter to Milena Kafka says that the stopping of the rain which had continued for two days and one night was an event which had deserved a celebration and he would commemorate it writing a letter to her. I decided to rejoice my birthday and the stopping of the rain taking pictures. I stand by and watched the sequence of the rotating of the different

layers of the sculpture as well as that of the sculpture itself. I observed the reactions of the people and their wordless connection with the art inspired by art. Each one of them reflected in the mirror surfaces and discovered these layers of himself which he liked or those he feared because they remained hidden. There were passersby not appealed by the moving reflections and glimmers of the light.  That's why they wouldn't realize the “head of Kafka” was observing them, reflected and distorted their perceptions as in curved mirror installed inside them.  Their individual dialogues with Kafka continued while I was taking the photographs upon which my personal life projected itself –  consecution of light and dark stripes, layers of consciousness, recollections, and dreams which were rotating, then stopped and again continuing their projected move.

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